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ASEAN countries need to pursue innovation-based growth
Hung Yen seeks to expand Korean investment and create a favorite environment.
Lawmakers adopt five-year economic plan
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Vietnam expects foreign investment to hit record $16 billion this year: report
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KDB urged to strongly support RoK companies investing in VN
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President asks Hyundai to increase localisation rate (adatpion to Vietnamese market)




Ninh Thuan is endowed with a quite convenient transportation network: the National Highway No. 1 runs alongside the province, the National Road No. 27 leading to Dalat and southern part of Central Highlands, 27B running through Bac Ai district, Ninh Thuan province to Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa province, the trans-Vietnam railway, and all communes have a connection for cars to their center. Moreover, Cam Ranh international airport as well as to the Ba Ngoi freight port (one of 10 large-scale seaports in Vietnam) belongs to Khanh Hoa province which is near to Ninh Thuan province (about 45 to 60 kilometres far), that is one of favorable conditions of transportation  coming to Ninh Thuan.

Seaport system: there are 03 fishing ports including Dong Hai with a 265 m pier, Ca Na with a 200 m pier, Ninh Chu with a 120 m pier and My Tan fishing station which are all the shelters for about 2,000 fishing boats in the province and for fishing boats from other provinces, capable of receiving 500 CV ships. In addition, Ca Na Integrated port  is under the construction  toreceive 300,000 tons ships.


In the whole province, there are 22 reservoirs with capacity of 414 million cubic meters, while investing 279 kilometers of level II and III canals which increases irrigating capability by up to 29,446 hectares and auto-irrigating area to 45,000 hectares, equivalent to 53.7% of agricultural land. The province has completed and put into use 8 huge hydropower projects such as lakes of Lanh Ra, Ba Rau, Song Bieu, 05 water reservoir with the total capacity of around 66.5 million cubic meters, hence ensuring the water quantity enough for agricultural and industrial production, as well as for daily use.

Based on the approval of the Government, the province is going to build a reservoir interconnection system in the coming time, (from Tan My irrigation system to the reservoirs of Ba Rau, Song Trau and Song Sat; from Song Than reservoir to Lanh Ra reservoir; Tan Giang reservoir and Song Bieu reservoir) to increase the irrigation capacity for agricultural production areas, supplying water for animals and people.


In the province there is a system of 04 concentrated water supply factories supplying with a total capacity of over 120,000 m3/day & night including Phan Rang - Thap Cham (52,000 cubic meters/day & night), Ca Na - Phuoc Nam (30,000 cubic meters/day & night), Tan Son (8,000 cubic meters/day & night) Phuoc Dan (30,000 cubic meters/day & night) supplying water to Phuoc Dan town, Ninh Phuoc district. There are more than 60 water supplying systems from surface water and underground water resources with capacity of 50 - 500 cubic meters/day & night and some other automatic flowing water projects serving 148 thousand people.

At the present,  97% urban people and  94% rural ones can access to clean water.


Provincial electricity supply is from national electric grid. Da Nhim hydroelectric plant with capacity of 240 MW is the direct supply. Besides the province also receives the support of the local energy sources such as Song Pha hydroelectric plant with capacity of 7.5 MW (5 x 1.5 MW), Thuong Song Ong hydroelectric plant (4.8 MW), Ha Song Pha 1 (5.4 MW), Ha Song Pha 2 (5.1MW).

There are 03 hydropower projects have been invested with total phase 1 capacity being 15.3 MW: Ha Song Pha 1 (5.4 MW), Ha Song Pha 2 (5.1 MW).

Currently, there are 03 projects in commercial operation with a total capacity of 229MW, 8 projects under construction and scheduled to be completed in 2021 with a capacity of 438 MW and 32 solar power projects in commercial operation with a total capacity of 2,256.8 MW.

The national electric grid has been connected to all communes throughout the province, satisfying the requirement on energy for production and supplying electricity to more than 99.9% of households. Presently, new transmission systems are being constructed to supply electricity to province’s focal economic zones.


The post and telecommunication network with various kinds of services is also being modernized so as to meet the demand for information exchange and communication in the country and over the world, ensure to provide services with reasonable costs and high reliabilities, such as high speed database communication network, wide band network infrastructure (MAN) in the city following the model of “One system, multiple services”.


Banking network in the province currently includes 04 branches of State-owned commercial banks (SOCB), 08 branches of Joint Stock Commercial Bank (JSCB), and 01 branch of Vietnam Bank for Social Policies (VBSP), 03 grassroots people’s credit funds with 33 branches and subordinate transaction offices. Particularly, VBSP has 65 transaction offices in communes (wards and towns), with the coverage of banking services in the whole province and provides capital for effective socio-economic development in the direction of industrialization and modernization.

Develop the banking network and restructure credit institutions towards modernization and increase the capacity of management and administration; diversify banking services with enhanced technology and service quality; ensure safe and smooth payment activities, continue to expand non-cash payments and public service payments via banks; ensure the banks have the ability to mobilize capital and meet capital needs in Vietnamese Dong and foreign currency.  In addition, there are also Provincial Development and Investment Fund, Credit Guarantee Funds of the State Bank of Vietnam and a number of other Insurance Services in the province.

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